Does Duplicati not log failures?

I have a daily backup job to a local drive. I got an error today about 4 missing files from remote storage, and when I went back to the logs I noticed the job also failed yesterday with “Failed to decrypt data (invalid passphrase?)”. But in the job logs there’s no record of yesterday’s failure; only a successful run October 3. The only record I have of yesterday’s failure is in the email I was sent (I didn’t happen to notice it).

I thought I’d see an entry in the general log with something in the “Errors” field but there’s no entry at all for October 4. I wonder if I inadvertently changed a setting that logs when there’s a problem?

This is on Ubuntu.

Many types of job failures will not be logged in the job’s “show log” area, but they will still be visible at the server level: About → Show Log.

Missing back end files, inaccessible back end, unwritable back end, missing source folders, etc., are some types of failures that fall in this category.