Does Duplicati create a bunch files with exclamation points or ZZZZ's in filename?

Since I started using Duplicati on a Windows 10 box, I noticed the appearance of a bunch of system-owned files with filenames like !!!1458586049.jpg and ZZZZZ942380846.sql. Notwithstanding the filename extensions, these do not appear to be readable files–the JPG is not an image, and the SQL is not a SQL file. They just appear to be random binary data. Is this something Duplicati is creating or is it another process and these files just starting appearing coincidentally around the time I started using Duplicati? Any other guidance anyone can provide on these files if they belong to Duplicati–can they be deleted?

Nope, these won’t be Duplicati files. Other than the .sqlite database files pretty much every file Duplicati makes should start with duplicati- or dup- (temp files).

So it’s either a coincidence or side effect of something else. For example, some users have done backups to a local folder that then synchronizes to their cloud provider with another tool. Sometimes that too will split the Duplicati files into parts for faster upload and THAT caused odd file names to appear.

Though I don’t think that’s what’s going on in your case.

Where are you seeing those files located and do their timestamps align with backup job runs?

Check this:

Thanks for the tip. I am using Palo Alto Traps AV, and started right around the same time as Duplicati, so that definitely seems like the answer! Hard problem to Google.

I’m glad to hear @drwtsn32 post helped!

I went ahead and flagged it as the “solution”, please let me know if you disagree.