Docker Synology - folder tree incomplete

Hello, since short time I run 2 Docker an my NAS. It´s Duplicati and Traccar (GPS-tracking).
I want to bakup the folder of traccar (config, database, log, …). I see the folder “duplicati” [/volume2/docker/duplicati/] but I don´t see the folder “traccar” [/volume2/docker/traccar/]. Any ideas?

Access-rights are the same “everybody read” for the folder docker.

Thx´s for yout help

Welcome to the forum!

Not sure what is causing your problem. I also run a Duplicati docker container on my Synology and it definitely can see other folders inside /volumeX/docker/

Which docker image are you using? I run the official image as opposed to one made by linuxserver or other publishers. Not sure if that would have any bearing on the issue you’re seeing…