Do the filters actually work?

For the life of me I cannot get the exclude filters to work. I have a ton of projects and I want to exclude the build directory among others. How do I make them work? I have been running the command line stuff for hours, it should not be this difficult. Can someone tell me what the magic juju is to exclude subdirs? Dirs like


Not to mention that I would like to exlcude all

jar files
war files
ear files
class files

This seems like basic stuff, but it is just failng to work for me no matter what I try.

odin, can you post the contents of the following here? (Be sure to remove any ‘personal’ data that might be exposed by paths or files):

  1. Edit your backup
  2. Go to step 3 (Source Data)
  3. Expand the Filters section
  4. Click on the “3 dots” menu to the right of “Filters”
  5. Select “Edit as text”

Also, when you set up the filters you already have did you start by using the Source Data folder tree to manually select specific folders then review what gets added down below?

And lastly, when you directly add a filter to the “Filters” section the affected folders / files should then be marked with red-x in the Source Data tree.

Edit: And, yes - the filters do actually work, at least for me. :slight_smile:

Can you post an example of what you have tried?
It should be very easy, in the UI just add a rule.
On the commandline, just add --exclude=*.jar for instance.

More info on filters:

Personally, I use Exclude Regular Expressions that I figure out in a text file and just past the lot in “Edit as text” mode.

For example, this “Edit as text” value should exclude the a users’s “Videos” and “Downloads” folders on either Windows 98/XP (the Documents and Settings stuff) or beyond (the Users stuff):
-[.:\\(Users|Documents and Settings)\\[^\\]*\\(Videos|Downloads)\\]

To use it in the regular “Exclude regular expression” field just remove the leading “-” and the surrounding “[]” so it would be:
.:\\(Users|Documents and Settings)\\[^\\]*\\(Videos|Downloads)\\

The way I built those expressions was the use the folder tree to select examples of what I wanted to get rid of, use “Edit as text” to see the raw content then convert it to regular expressions so it would apply to all users (or all folders).