Discourse vs. email read status

@tophee, I don’t suppose there’s a Discourse feature where reading a post in an email will flag it as ‘read’ on the forum, is there? (Assuming the user isn’t blocking external image/code references in their email app, that is.)

Off topic but, I’m still waiting for the day when mail protocols get smart enough to go the other way around “hey, you read this information on the web page so I’m going to delete this email notifiying you about it”.

Or even better support for:

  • “hey, you just got an email advertising junk you don’t care about that says to delete any unread messages about the same thing that are older so I think I will”
  • “oh, look - this unread email is about a coupon that has expired - I think I’ll delete it for you”

But that’s just me dreaming out of the (email) box. :slight_smile:

No, unfortunately, this is not available. The only thing I can offer is the “Dismiss all” button on your notification page.

But you’re not the only one who has been looking for it:

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There is an option for setting up “reply with email”, I can set that up if someone wants it.
With this you could stay out of the forum and just read and answer by email if that makes sense?

I use the emails to preview topics (as there is no “mark unread”) and then delete emails quickly.

If you set it up, don’t bother setting it up with gmail or so but go straight for

It has worked flawlessly for me so far.

That sounds tempting, but I feel it would only be useful for those of us that work through multiple topics so probably not worth the effort.

Yes! Just yesterday I found myself bookmarking topics I wanted to come back to (when I was on my testing machine ) and thinking “how the heck do I ‘unread’ this so it pings me again?”. :slight_smile:

This has been discussed as a feature for discourse but apparently it has been relegated into the plugin domain, i.e. it won’t be implemented in core.

But perhaps this would help?

I have enabled assigned, lets see how it works.

I don’t understand how it works, though. How do you assign someone to a topic?

Good question, I cannot seem to find it either.

I assigned myself a topic in “Finding my way around the code base”.

I see it assigned to me in the main topic list page, but I’m not finding any GUI way to end up at my assigned topics.

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Arh! now I see the button… must have been some cache delay or similar.