Disaster Recovery Method

Hi people!
I’m using the canary release and its work pretty well so far.
But I started o think, in cases of disaster, in how to recover my backups.
Let me suggest a scenario:

I’m using a canary release with google team drive and the backup files had been uploaded.
Suddenly, I got a hardware failure that corrupted my system or a ransomware atacked my system.
Lost everything, but the duplicati encrypted files still ther on the cloud.

My question is:

How to get my data from duplicati uploaded files?

On time, this backup tool is amazing.

On the system you want to restore the files to, install Duplicati, open the user interface, click Restore and select “Direct restore from backup files”.
The wizard will guide you through the restore process. At least you have to know the credentials to access the backend files and the passphrase you used to encrypt the backup files.

So always store your encryption key at a safe place. Without it, your backup files are useless. Additionally, it’s recommended to export your backup configuration to a configuration file (see Exporting a backup job configuration) and keep it at a safe place. Note that you can encrypt the configuration file itself to protect the passwords in it, but if you ever want to import it, you need to know the encryption key you supplied.

For more information, read section Restoring files if your Duplicati installation is lost in the manual.