Disable Icon During Silent Installation

Just wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to disable the tray icon/installing the service while doing a silent install of the MSI. I basically don’t want any user to be able to login to the web interface without having to put in the web interface password. Even if this is a multi-step process that can be scripted, that’s fine. I just don’t want to have to touch the Windows UI at all. Thanks in advance!

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I’d need to dig into this a bit, because I’m not really familiar with the automation options for the MSI. This goal seems doable though: avoid launching Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe on startup or at end of install, and instead register Duplicati as a service.

Not sure about configuring a Web UI password during install. That may need to be done manually after installation. I guess you’d need to look at these machines anyway after installation, for the purpose of configuring a backup anyway, correct? Or did you want to automate literally everything?

[REQ] Add parameters for MSI installer options #3892 has or links to ideas and inspired Add parameter to Wix installer that will install only the core feature #3893. I don’t know installer details, so I’ll just point.

It gets kind of ugly, but you might be able to copy a starter Duplicati-server.sqlite into the user’s profile, basically a template with things like the web UI password and whatever else applies to all systems set.