Disable deduplication


Is it possible to disable deduplication when performing backup jobs?


No, this is not possible. Duplicati’s core logic is built around deduplication.
But why on earth would someone disable this feature? I can’t think of any reason to do this.


Why should disable this feature ?

Simply to optimize backup times.

Re-uploading all data every time you run a backup job would heavily increase backup time. Also you will soon run out of backend storage space or lose versioning.
Disabling deduplication is not possible, but you will not benefit from it in any way.

If you want to decrease backup times, try playing with compression (set compressiobn level to 1 or disable it completely) and disable encryption if you backup to local storage.


It’s not deduplication in the classical sense. It doesn’t put a dedup table in memory. It’s just that the way the data is stored it can’t write the same data to your backup twice because it’s already there.

It’s kind of like putting things into a hash table. You just can’t create duplicates because it has to be stored in the same spot. Which, I just realized, is probably the worst way to explain this to someone who didn’t have a class on algorithms and datastructures… Sorry.

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I can think of one - functional isolation testing. But it’s not that valid for real world backups.

The way Duplicati uses the local database it’s possible any benefits seen by not doing deduplication calcs could be lost to decreased performance due to a larger database.

But that’s just a guess, I don’t know this for sure.