Directory not listed in Backup, but files are found by search

I am making a try-out of duplicati on the Windows-10-pc of a friend. The backups works and files can be restored. But if I open the treeview of the backup to select one single file: the folder where it is in is not visible in the treeview.
If I use the search with the exact filename, the file is found and could be restored.
Why is this (and other) folders not visible?

This is a major problem, because in case of necessarity to restore one single file of which the name is not present, it may be decisive to view and search in this folder, won’t it?

I am a newbie, we installed the windows beta I think because the PC is a productive one.
On my own PC with canary version I could not yet notice this problem.

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Does that mean all other folders, meaning box is totally empty? If some are visible, notice a pattern?

This sounds like it might be a browser issue. Canary, Experimental, and Beta are the same source code except for version number and changelog. Does your friend run a different browser, or tend to secure things highly (though I’d expect widespread breakage if secured enough)?

Did you try page refresh or hard refresh e.g. per How to do a hard refresh in Chrome, Firefox and IE?

What are you selecting for Source Data in tree, e.g. containing folders, individual or single files, etc.?

Are you using any include or exclude Filters on the Source Data screen?

Thanks for your answer

I found the reason, which is very different :slight_smile:
the one (found) folder was starting with an upcase letter
the second (nearly same foldername which was not found) was starting with an lowercase name.
the backuped files are sorted according to the exact letter so different than in the windows explorer.

So the files were always there but not as expected at the top of the list but at the end.
In my eyes (as a windows user) a bug: alle files shoulf be listed in the same way as on the source. Because the treeview from the source lists the folders as windows does.

But for the moment ok, the backup seems to work.

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