Direct restore from backup files layout bug

It looks like canary has a layout bug in both Windows 10 Chrome and Firefox on the “Direct restore from backup files …” page:

Is anybody else seeing this?

Happens on as well.
Seems like a linebreak because “restore options” ist too long (or the whole line).
In German it’s even longer/worse :wink:

I’ve noticed a few screenshots of the German version :smile:
They’re not always very concise :slight_smile:

Haha. Yes, we really do love long words and sentences :wink:
Perhaps that’s the reason why so many english words seem to be used in everydays german language nowadays … To be more concise…

But German knows “Kartoffelbrei” for mashed potatoes. That’s what i call concise :slight_smile:
Think of usage of mashed potatoes in French: purée de pommes de terre.
Try to include that in Duplicati :slight_smile:

OK, back to topic…

Note to self, I need to work “mashed potatoes” into the web UI.

For reference it’s “kartoffelmos” in Danish :slight_smile:

Damn! one letter short… :slight_smile: