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with what program can i open the created archives (i tried zip 7 it failed)

the reason :
i love duplicatie open scource characteristics,…i love the idee duplicatie can be linked to a lot of free cloud storage services,…i love the interface,…that beining said duplicatie seems to have a lot of warnings missing (you cant do this or that)or simply mecanismes that prevent action that creates the problems,…litle to no real info if somthing goes bad,…there for id like to have the option to extract filles from the backup like u would do whit a zip prg,…imagine u just had a virus forcing u to format ,… no wories duplicatie ,…after reinstaling the config filles are broken…so now u have ur backups buth u cant acces them ,…see the problem?

Duplicati splits all source files into small blocks of data, archives them, encrypts the archives and uploads the encrypted archives to the backend. So you can’t just extract the source files from the backup using a regular compression tool.

If you want to know what’s inside the DBLOCK, DINDEX and DLIST files that are created by Duplicati, you can download the backup files and decrypt them using AES Crypt or with the command line tool SharpAESCrypt.exe that’s included in the Duplicati package.

You always have to store the encryption passphrase as well as the storage location and credentials on a safe place (that’s not on the computer containing your source files!).

On a new or reinstalled system, you can install Duplicati and restore your files straight from the backend by supplying the URL, credentials and passphrase to Duplicati.

If that doesn’t work (for example if a number of backup files is corrupted), you can restore as much as possible using the Duplicati.CommandLine.RecoveryTool.exe command line tool.

This procedure is explained in the manual.

You can also use this Python script to restore files from Duplicati backups without using Duplicati:


thank you this was helpfull

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