Different/multiple AWS S3 storage classes

TLDR: Would it be possible implement an option to chose different storage classes for the indexing files and data files?

I’m trying to find the best/ cheapest storage solution for a cloud backup of my NAS and have looked at AWS S3 Glacier. I have read multiple treads that advise against using Glacier and Deep archive and i’m aware of the difficulties of recover the files and that a hot storage would be better but this is a last resort backup if my other backups fail and i’m looking for the cheapest alternative. I have experimented with life cycle rules but as i understand moving from standard storage class can be done earliest 30 days after uploading the file.

Would it be possible to add an option to chose different storage classes for the index files and the data files in the AWS S3 Bucket? When uploading the index files would go to the standard storage class while the data files would go directly to the deep archive storage class?

With no-auto-compact and no-backend-verification set to true, Duplicati would not be needed to access the files stored in the deep archive storage class.

Not right now, but you can simulate it by setting a minimum object size in your lifecycle policy. By default Duplicati uses 50MiB for dblocks. I have configured an S3 lifecycle to transition anything over 40MiB to cheaper storage classes. This effectively captures almost all dblock files and excludes dindex and dlist files in my datasets.

That’s not the case. You can configure the transition to 0 days if you want to move to Glacier as fast as possible:

Now if you are doing multiple steps like transitioning to Standard-IA and then to Glacier, yes, you must wait a certain minimum number of days between transitions.

Be warned - don’t set a single transition policy time too short if you are uploading as anything other than Standard. When I was experimenting with this, I was uploading directly as Standard-IA and then transitioning quickly to Glacier. (I think I had it set to 7 days.) I didn’t realize that Standard-IA has a 30 day minimum, so I was hit with some fees by transitioning them too early.