Descriptive Sidecar Files for cryptic database files (feature request)

Duplicati stores the sqlite database file for each backup configuration in a single folder with a ‘cryptic’/random 10 letter filename, e.g. KSMGMEJDPM.sqlite.

If you have multiple backup configurations it is not easy to identify the database of a certain configuration (have to run and sort by date-changed). Identification is required for checking the size, maitanance, experiments, deleting test runs, re-design of backup configurations, migration, etc…

I help myself with tiny text files which names are composed of the cryptic string followed by the clear name of the backup configuration, such as KSMGMEJDPM_EVO_PHOTOVIDEO_daily.txt. Inside the text file I could take notes if I wanted. But it becomes tedious to create these files manually…

As a solution, Duplicati should automatically create side car files to databases right before it creates the database file. Example:
Name of the configuration: EVO_PHOTOVIDEO_daily
Database file to be created: KSMGMEJDPM.sqlite
Side car file to be created: KSMGMEJDPM_EVO_PHOTOVIDEO_daily.txt

If a database is going to be removed by the GUI option ‘Delete remote files’, the sidecar file should stay.

What do you think?

You can see the database associated with a particular job by using the web UI: click the job to expand options, then click the blue Database link. It will show the filename in a text box.

You can even rename it here, if you wish, by changing the filename in the text box and then clicking the “Move existing database” button.

This worked well for me:
I renamed the database file in the data folder, and then changed the full path in the Webinterface.

At this occasion I relocated all the databases away from the active partition and also changed the database folder in the target field of the trayicon autostart link.

Great. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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