Deleting Unneeded Backups

I have a backup job backing up data to an AWS S3 bucket. AWS is very expensive and thus I’m looking at alternatives (notably backblaze)

I’ve setup a new Backblaze specific job (backing up the same data just to backblaze).

My question is how I go about cleanly removing the AWS backup. Can I just delete the backup job in the duplicati web ui and then blow away the AWS bucket? Or will duplicati take care of emptying to s3 bucket for me when I delete the job?


I haven’t tried recently but I believe when you delete the job locally in Duplicati, it doesn’t touch the remote data (for obvious security / data safety reasons). So I’m thinking you should be fine to remove it from Duplicati (or just set it to never run automatically, at least for now, leaving the configuration in place for your future reference), and removing the data manually from AWS.

Here on canary (I’m not certain of old versions), the web UI offers a checkbox for deletion, then a CAPTCHA before it actually deletes. See sequence below. One bug is it leaves the local database behind. Probably it wouldn’t delete its bucket, because there might be other backups in it, using a different –prefix. Bottom line is if you’re willing and able to log in to delete the bucket (not everyone is), no need to use this:




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