Deleting backup set


I recently deleted an old backup set that was no longer being used, but as far as I can tell I think the database in .config/Duplicati is still there. Doesn’t Duplicati delete these once a backup set is deleted?

How do I know which database files I can delete? They all just have cryptic names.



You might be seeing open GitHub issue Backup job database not deleted when deleting job #3072 which in addition to wasting some space, creates issues for people who notice the problem and want to clean up. :wink:

I’m not sure if there’s an easy way. If one runs regular backup jobs, then candidates for cleanup would have older dates on the file. Going through the jobs and using the “Database” option will show what that job uses.

On the same screen is a “Delete” button which does work, and I think you’d then immediately delete that job.

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I used the ‘delete’ option in the Configuration section of the backup job in the main list of jobs.

I guess the easiest thing to do is to run all my jobs (I have some that never change so have only been run once several months ago) and then see what files are left with old dates.


I think Configuration --> Delete leaves the file (due to the bug), so run Advanced --> Database --> Delete first.

Your plan for finding what’s active sounds excellent. You could sanity-check for matching job counts if you like.