Delete specific backup on docker compose

I’m running Duplicati on several systems including on a linux system using docker compose. An answer to another topic indicated to use the Command Line to delete a specific backup set (or a range of backups). Unfortunately, the Command Line does not show up on my docker compose instance. Is there a way to delete a backup for these instances? I have a backup set that failed miserably and I’d like to delete it if I could (mostly so that I’m not tempted to try to restore something from it)

You have no Duplicati GUI in use? If you use GUI, you have a GUI Commandline to use.

I don’t use Docker, and am not sure what “show up” means. There is also docker exec,
however if your backups are done in GUI, the GUI Commandline uses options from that.
Export As Command-line would be another way to grab the options used by the GUI job.

Sorry - I don’t know how I missed it. I saw it on the Windows duplicati GUI but missed it on the docker one. They appear to be identical :frowning:

Thanks for the pointer!

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