Delete source files automatically once it finish the backup

hi!, i just install duplicati in my docker and I’m starting to use it and I like it, however there is something I can’t find .

I want to delete some files or folders (local folders & files of old backup mostly) of my source files immediately the back up to my nas server its made, to have more space in my laptop hdd and I can’t do it… can anybody help me to do thist please?

Welcome roycordero,

Duplicati itself won’t delete local files to my knowledge, you’ll need to use external scripts to perform those sorts of changes. In the Options for the job there are Advanced options to Run Scripts see image below.

That being said auto deleting source files right after a backup is never a “good practice”. Once you have a couple backups (preferably to different media) then by all means manually delete the source files/folders but to do so right away seems really risky.

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OK… thank i will check it ot, the problem it os really i done know nothing of script neigther how to write it or nothing of that :frowning: … dont even know how to looking for that for duplicati :frowning:

Maybe if you can explain a bit more about your setup we could find a safer solution.
How much data do you have in your laptop (that needs to be backed up), how big is the drive in the laptop and how frequently does your data change?

ok I make backups of my windows system C: every 2 weeks with the easusTODObackup program that I like because despite putting an access key I can access the files and review them as I want, even copy files to another drive if I need it, and how I am always away from home, on the street or on Wi-Fi, it saves them on my own HDD because it is fast and automatic and i dont want to have a externa drive usb its dumb for me. when I get home I want my duplicati docker with its 256 security to save those images to 2 diferents drives on my NAS OMV5 server so I can have a backup in 2 diferent places at one time that why i want to delete those images from my local laptop local HDD at dawn that is already configured

If you’re already happy with easus then carry on, make a scheduled task that detects your home network and then copies the easus backups to the NAS. Out of curiosity does easus delete local files?

Using Duplicati to backup easus backups seems more complicated than it’s worth. A simple XCOPY or ROBOCOPY script/batch file should be more than enough to copy the easus backup files to your NAS every couple weeks.

Hold on a second, am I understanding correctly that you are running Duplicati on the NAS instead of running Duplicati on the laptop? Why not run it on the laptop and just use the NAS as the destination?

ooh I think that xcopy or robocopy would be good, I’ll find out how to do that, since all I want is first to copy the image from the laptop to the nas, specifically in 2 places backup drive1 and backup drive2 and then of course delete from the origin, the easus does not delete it either, I thought that with duplicati I could solve this since being open source a script or something like that could be used… however, I already found the GoodSync that makes the backups that I want and if it deletes the original, it is more than anything an application to synchronize folders… but it works well for what I need, total, the encryption security is already applied by easus or duplicati…

However, something I think I will stop using easus todobackup, because what I did not like about duplicati was that a backup was made in hundreds of small zip files, or eas… aes somethink like that, but I think I have found how to make it a single file of 20 or 50gb and not hundreds of tiny zip files… and in the end in step 5 I only changed from 50mb to 50gb I hope it works because my local network is stable and has good speed to handle that data. I keep trying

i run the duplicati because i used to use mi laptop for everithing movies, live streamin, render videos, graphic etc… so it always with high workflow and i dont wan to adding othe stuff, thats why i want all that work is done by my server for all the computers and devices on my network

Please read the link to the right of the value you bumped hugely to understand the impact on restores.
You can also fill up your drive unless you have many multiples of that for free space to queue uploads. Finally, if anything at either end is a mechanical drive (not an SSD), that might limit more than network.

thanks i was in a little trip but now i will gonna read it all to unsdertan more