Delete partial files

Hi everyone
I created a backup with BackBlaze as destination, the backup took a long time, after a while I realized that I had put the wrong folder in the configuration and so I stopped the backup.
Looking at BackBlaze I realized that even if I stopped the backup there are several files that take up a lot of space.
How do I clean up files on BackBlaze?


export the backup as a json file, delete the backup with files, then import it again ?

Thanks for the reply
In this case it’s fine because I don’t have any backups yet, but what if I have made other backup versions that I don’t want to lose?
I read that there is the parameter --auto-cleanup=true which should do what I need but it can only be used as a parameter for backups? Isn’t there another command that does this cleaning for you?

it depends on how you stopped the backup. If you did it nicely with the Duplicati stop, the files on the destination are actually holding data that you can be used even if it’s a partial backup. The following backup will send the rest.
If you killed Duplicati, well, you should not have done that no ? In this case you are in ‘repair’ territory.

Too vague. Where in the configuration? Do you mean wrong Source, a mis-aimed Destination, etc.?

Next clarification needed:

Such as about what? The default Remote volume size is 50 MB. Is that “a lot”, or did you raise it?

stopped it from duplicates with the shutdown, but by mistake I included a folder that shouldn’t have been backed up and therefore in the partial backup there are files that shouldn’t be there

the wrong folder was in the source and so I backed up several files that I shouldn’t have included in the backup, so I would like to clean it up

The PURGE command run in GUI Commandline deletes unwanted source folders and files, but an interrupted backup is an odd case. Fixing Source config and letting it finish might be a safer start…

Since it sounds like you don’t have a backup yet, other options after fixing Source configuration are:

Start fresh, meaning delete the B2 files in Destination folder using B2 web UI, and delete database.


Instead of purge (which is a little complex), get a good backup version and delete the partial original.
The DELETE command is simpler, and you can look at your version numbers on GUI Restore picker.