Delete backup job

I’m trying desperately to delete a wrongly-configured backup job but the infernal thing keeps attempting to run. It’s a real pain and I’m about to uninstall Duplicati and get something that does what I tell it to do when I tell it to do it. Windows 7 64-bit, latest Duplicati version.



Hi @nssc, welcome to the Duplicati forum!

What happens when you try to do the delete? The most common issue people run into is that Duplicati queues many actions (including job deletes) so the delete won’t fire until any currently running (or queued) tasks, such as backups, are finished or cancelled.

The next most comment issue seems to be that their Duplicati instance is paused which pauses the entire processing queue, including job deletes.

Thanks for your response. Yes to both of those! I went away and made a cup of tea - to avoid hurling the computer into a pond. When I came back Duplicati capitulated and allowed me to tell it what to do, so problem solved thanks!

I do have an issue with the web interface, though it should really have its own topic. During configuration - at least on Opera on Windows 7 - each successive web page seems to default to the bottom. So when scheduling for the first time I missed the time dialog completely.

Yay! :smile:

As for the UI issue, we do have a #ux category where you could post about your issue with Opera on Windows 7. If you do, please include the Opera version number you’re experience the problem with as I know they’ve had some major tech changes over the last few years.

Thanks, will do. I think it was the same on Firefox too, but I’ll check. Thanks for your help.