Default filters warning in

Upgraded a Linux desktop (Ubuntu 18.10) from to the latest beta and getting this. No other changes – just ran the update from the GUI. I do have Linux filters enabled.

        2018-11-29 12:50:15 -05 - [Warning-Duplicati.Library.Main.Controller-UnsupportedOption]: The supplied option --default-filters is not supported and will be ignored

I got this warning to go away. It seems to have had something to do with how Duplicati converted the old OS filter setting to the new filtering options. I had to remove the filter from page (3) of the config wizard (under “filters”) as well as from page (5) near “Advanced Options”, then add it back in using the new “Exclude Filter Group” = Default Excludes.


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I have the same issue. The only filters I have defined are to exclude system/hidden/temporary files and files > 5GB. I removed those filters on page 3, saved the profile and then reselected them and saved again. I still geht the error message.

I cannot find the settings described on page 5.

What should I try next?

This post helped me understand the new settings and where they are:

Also, I did not see the new settings in the GUI until I did a CTRL-F5 hard refresh. Not sure why, but it seems like the Duplicati web GUI pages stay cached more than any other web page so You need to do a hard refresh after changes/upgrades. I forgot CTRL-F5 existed, because I haven’t had to do that to a web page or web front-end since Netscape in the '90’s.:grin::older_adult:

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Thank you, that solved it! I also had to do CTRL-F5 to see the options at all. It also brought the progress bar back.

Well, I thought it solved it. But now backups (ca. 180GB of data, only a few MB changed) take an hour instead of 5 minutes. Are the settings shown in the attached image correct or do they cause “double” filtering?

There’s a performance issue with regex filters (the default and cache filters contain one):

Can you try removing the filters temporarily to see if the performance is improved?

Thank you @warwickmm ! I would rather not turn filters off completely since that would mean backing up heaps of useless data to paid storage. However, the performance issues started immediately after turning on the “default excludes” regex filter after upgrading to If necessary, I can create a spearate backup set and do some more testing, but I think others have done that already.

Cache-busting is now implemented and will be available at the next release!

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I am also getting the default filter warning after upgrading to on a Mac.
Previously in I had selected on page 3 under Default Filters: OS X and under Exclude: Hidden, System and Temporary Files.
Why is this not working anymore and what should I now select?

I deleted the characters “OSX” on page 5 of the settings for default filter and saved the settings. Duplicati then pre-filled this entry with “true” and I am still getting the Default Filter warning message.


Filter groups to exclude common unwanted files

The --default-filters option was replaced with fine-grained filter groups. See link in post above.
Filters section of the user manual describes current operation. If you want default filters, you can use DefaultExcludes on the Source Data screen (below). If you like less filtering, pick from the dropdown.


You can find the customized-for-your-user-and-OS detailed information in the help for filter-groups, which can be run from command line or the Web UI Commandline option (select help and edit boxes).

Thanks ts678.
There are still two issues with the filters.
(1) Several of the Exclude Filter Group selections are identical to selections that can be made in the Exclude section just below filters. So why are there duplicate settings and which one to select?

(2) As noted by drnoname there is a huge performance issue when selecting items from the Exclude Filter Group section. At least on Mac OS X, my backups now take 8-times longer and make the computer fan run at full speed. This makes the new beta no longer usable on my computer. I have to downgrade or turn off all filtering. Please … whoever introduced those new filters, take a look at what is going on.

Duplicati much slower than comments on performance. If the claim of 10x performance boost is accurate (YMMV) then possibly it will more than make up for your 8-times loss.

I don’t know if your fans will run any slower. There are ways to get that, but performance will suffer…

I suspect the GUI for the Exclude section (below the Filter section) is presented by the following code:

and the fileAttributes name probably refers to FileAttributes Enum which is the OS-supported attributes, where definitions aren’t given except for Hidden, which it says macOS has. Windows also has System:

  /A          Displays files with specified attributes.
  attributes   D  Directories                R  Read-only files
               H  Hidden files               A  Files ready for archiving
               S  System files               I  Not content indexed files
               L  Reparse Points             O  Offline files

Above is output from dir /? in a Command Prompt. Possibly you know what attributes macOS can do. Bottom line is that looking at file attributes is probably fast, up to the OS, and maybe poorly documented.

General concept of filters

Duplicati 2.0 can include or exclude files and folders from your backup based on so-called filters. A filter can consist of various rules. And a rule decides if a file is to be included to the backup or excluded from it. This decision is made based on the name of the file or folder. Besides these name-based rules there is also a set of specific settings which exclude files with specific attributes (like system files or hidden files) or files that exceed a specific size.

Choice between ways can be nice – or confusing. If somehow the speedup in Filters isn’t enough, you could try the attributes Exclude instead, but I have an (unproven) suspicion that it won’t be as effective.