Default exlude filter groups not working

So, I’m very new to duplicati so there’s maybe something that I’m not understanding, but the “Exclude filter groups” option just doesn’t seem to be working. For example, I have it set to exclude applications but the program files still have a checkmark.

When I manually make a filter it works but the built in groups don’t work, If someone knows why this is I’d like to get some help, thanks!

Welcome to the forum @Flipper

For me, almost no excludes (except those from uncheckmarking) change the checkmarks seen.
That doesn’t mean they are not working. Have you done a backup to see if it actually excludes?

The help command says what to expect, tailored to your user. If Duplicati runs as you, you can:

Duplicati.CommandLine.exe help filter-groups

If it runs as a different user such as the SYSTEM user for a Windows service, use Commandline.

Thanks a lot, I think I may have read something wrong because I thought I had read something about duplicati automatically updating the checkmarks to show your filters but I couldn’t find it now so maybe I made that up in my head.

I didn’t really know how to check that kind of what files because I don’t think duplicati gives you a list of backed up filed afaik but after a little bit of googling I used the find command and it didn’t find stuff that was excluded so I think the filters are working, thanks!

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