Debian hangs on SSH login

Hi, this is the second time that this is happening now. I reinstalled a VPS with Debian 11. Configured samba, configured Openvpn and now at last configured Duplicati. Everything works BUT every single time I login through ssh it keeps hanging for about 45 seconds to a minute before it let’s me in. I think it has something to do with Duplicati because it occured after installing it. Does someone recognize this? And how can I debug this?

I kind of doubt it’s Duplicati as it would have no involvement in the ssh login process on your server.

I personally have experienced such a delay in the past and it was due to a PAM module involved in the authentication chain. I also have seen delays if the ssh server is configured to do a reverse DNS lookup on the client (but I’m pretty sure Debian defaults to this being disabled).

Did you check the sshd logs on the server?


I managed to solve this. After a lot of hours I figured out that I didn’t configured the loopback address on the firewall. After adding / permitting access, it worked flawlessly. Thanks again for your help! Greatly appreciated!