Dbconfig.json is getting incorrect DB filename in it

So, the GUI is reporting errors in my remote files.

Trying to run list-broken-files and it kept throwing an error saying that it couldn’t find the database for the storage path.

Well, it turns out that it was wrong. Went into the GUI and found the proper db name, manually updated dbconfig.json, and now the command started working.

Any idea how this might have occurred? I have had to delete/recreate backup configs in the GUI in the recent past.

I’m running the current beta, and I upgraded from the previous beta.

Searching GitHub, I found this comment on this issue - Duplicati2 Feature Request: Commandline config store like Duplicati-server.sqlite · Issue #1108 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub.

Is this still true? Otherwise, I now know my problem. since I was not using the --dbpath option in my list-broken-files command at the time, it was just generating a random new sqlite db filename in the dbconfig.json file, and then failing because that file doesn’t exist.

Am I right? Because if so, the necessity of that --dbpath option in the command line docs needs to be pointed out.

I’m not positive on this but I suspect it the dbconfig has no database entry then when one is crested it will also create an empty database.

When you recreated you job did you export/import? It’s possible that process has a bug where it doesn’t update the dbconfig with the new path…

I did do an export/import IIRC, but it’s been quite a while since I did it. I do think I had to uncheck the “import metadata” box to get the import to work.

Just for fun, I renamed my dbconfig.json to something else, and re-ran the list-broken-files command, with no dbpath option. It created a random db filename in the new dbconfig.json, but didn’t actually create the .sqlite file.