Database recreate doesn't play well with --dry-run

For those that REALLY like to abuse their backups, let it be known that --dry-run=true doesn’t work well with database recreates.

In my test it seems to have not made a the normal “backup yyyymmddhhmmss.sqlite” file but then went ahead and deleted my live file.

Luckily, I “like” doing database recreates so no harm done. :slight_smile:

So in this case a dry run was less reversible than a normal run? :fearful:

I just used --dry-run on --purge-broken-files and it purged for real, so there might be a generic problem here. Previously I think I tried it on a restore which involved folder creation, and later restores got upset because of lack of expected folders (or something like that). I’m sure it’s tough (and maybe not urgent) to cover all cases, however it’s also good to know what doesn’t work so that perhaps some regrettable advice isn’t handed out…

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