"Database file is locked" during restore

I followed these steps, and the Duplicati Server appears to be starting on bootup now. Thanks for that.

When I try to open the Restore function in the UI, it reports that the database is locked.


What do I have to do about that?

EDIT: I’m sorry, I just realized this is a How To thread. And I just admonished people for doing the very same thing over on Plex’s forums. I should have started a new thread in Support. Can you break this off into a new thread?

Heh - no problem, sometimes these things all run together. :slight_smile:

Is it possible there was a backup running when you tried to do the restore?

If not, I think I recall reading something about the database being locked after aborting a backup (apparently some thread doesn’t get shut down and holds the database open). Did you maybe cancel a backup just before trying the restore?

That must have been the problem. I was able to restore a file today.

Glad to hear it’s working!

I’ll flag that post as the solution but please let us know if it happens again.

FYI a related forum post is Restore fails with “Failed to connect: The database file is locked database is locked” and it links to GitHub issue #3445 where there’s some discussion on what might cause it, and the issue priority.

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