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Hi everyone, I would like to customize the template of the emails sent by Duplicati after the backup is finished.
In the body of the email Duplicates by default insert a series of information. I would like to reduce this information. It would be enough for me to report only the status of the backup (success, error etc etc), the start time, the end time, the number of folders and files copied, modified and deleted.
It would be possible?
It would also be nice if you could create an html layout
Thank you.

You probably want to look at the reporting options. As for creating/editing the default html layout, I’m not aware of an easy way to do so.

EDIT: You may want to look at duplicati-monitoring as an alternative.

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Welcome to the forum @fabius

I don’t know of any easy way either, although as suggested there are some third-party helper tools.
For a hard way requiring your scripting and possibly email sending, the raw statistics are available:

This is similar to what you wanted:

ParsedResult: Success
BeginTime: 7/16/2022 9:45:30 AM (1657979130)
EndTime: 7/16/2022 9:49:04 AM (1657979344)
AddedFiles: 1
ModifiedFiles: 4
DeletedFiles: 1

Basically create a template somehow, and use some tooling to replace markers with actual values.
For HTML, either do it by hand or get a web page maker to make a page with the desired markers.
It’s a similar idea to what send-mail-body gives you, except you want it more customized than that.

dupReport is another third-party tool. It needs installation, but can make customized HTML reports.

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