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I’m trying to build a custom Duplicati version (custom logos, some texts and the tray icon mainly) but I’m unable to customize the tray icon ATM. Every time I build the .msi the official Duplicati tray icons remains untouched. Where do I have to exactly change them?

Thanks in advance!

I can’t help with build questions, but going to the source files in Windows File Explorer, setting search box to kind:=picture and setting View to Medium icons gave a nice view of the icons you might customize:

Pick some (maybe depending on what OS this will run on), look at file location, and look at source. History and other GitHub information can reveal how these have changed, and what’s considered a “set” of these.

I don’t have a Windows machine, but you can try looking here:

Since you mention .msi, I am thinking you want the Windows version. The icons are here:

I want to change the “Duplicati” Text to something else when hovered on the Icon.

Please see the attached Screen Shot image. Is it achievable?

Tray Icon SS

Yes. This does that:

Then build the project.
Then build the installer.
Then install.


Hi Xavron,

Thank you for your time in finding and writing the detailed post for my question. i really appreciate it.

I am running Duplicati as a service, i tried finding the text under “Duplicati.GUI.TRAYIcon” but was unsuccessful.

Is it something that i’m missing out?


When “Duplicati.Library.AutoUpdate.AutoUpdateSettings.AppName” is asked for text is responds with “Duplicati” so “Duplicati” gets set as the on hover text.

The m_trayIcon.Text is used to hold the text for the trayIcon. If you set m_trayIcon.Text = “Your Name Here” you would then see “Your Name Here” when hovering over the icon.

Hopefully that clears things up.

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The Microsoft .net link I also linked above shows that clearly if you looked at it :slight_smile:

From the link:

notifyIcon1.Text = "Antivirus program";

From Duplicati feat JimboJones:

m_trayIcon.Text = “Your Name Here”

Yes i totally understand! But this is Building from source.

I am looking at the way of Modifying / Changing the Name with a already built Duplicati Version.

In Short: I am looking to modify a working portable version for Duplicati.


Duplicati Version:

I tried modifying SVG Icons for tray on Windows but they don’t work.

I don’t have .ico files in my installation.

Then i tried deleting all the .svg files related to Tray icon under SVGIcons folder but still when the Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe is executed it shows the original icon. Technically if the SVG’s are delete it should be blank.

So that points to some other source.

Can someone please suggest any other location which i failed to look for Icon Files?

The SVG icons are not used by Windows, only Linux.

Windows uses .ico files, but as you noticed, no .ico files are present in the installed Duplicati folder. This is because the .ico resources are embedded during the build process and the raw files are not included:

The raw files are available in the Duplicati source code. You can modify them but you’ll need to recompile.


For anyone looking for that answer, it’s here in the form of a text file as given by the branding docs.
Icons were not mentioned there, so this is getting into more ambitious source-file-changes territory.

There is a chance one could edit the .exe, but I don’t think I’m going to encourage attempting that.
If finally resigned to rebuilding, you could test whether editing the file from other topic changes text:

This looks like it’s in the Duplicati.Library.AutoUpdater.exe resources. If changed, please test well…