Custom build - TrayIcon


I’m trying to build a custom Duplicati version (custom logos, some texts and the tray icon mainly) but I’m unable to customize the tray icon ATM. Every time I build the .msi the official Duplicati tray icons remains untouched. Where do I have to exactly change them?

Thanks in advance!

I can’t help with build questions, but going to the source files in Windows File Explorer, setting search box to kind:=picture and setting View to Medium icons gave a nice view of the icons you might customize:

Pick some (maybe depending on what OS this will run on), look at file location, and look at source. History and other GitHub information can reveal how these have changed, and what’s considered a “set” of these.

I don’t have a Windows machine, but you can try looking here:

Since you mention .msi, I am thinking you want the Windows version. The icons are here: