Custom backup schedule

i need to schedule a backup job running 14:00 and 23:30, there is a possibility to do it with one job or i’ve to create 2 jobs with daily schedule (one running 14:00 and one running 23:30)? thank you for your help

I’m afraid that the Duplicati scheduler is not versatile enough to do that exactly.
If you can accept 14:00 and 2h (during the night) you can repeat every 12 hours.
If not, you have to create 2 jobs.

If you want absolutely one Duplicati job, you can try to manage the scheduling yourself using the Duplicati python client - that is, starting the job from the Duplicati python client, itself started from the system scheduler. But it’s very complicated for not much gain.

Or you can start directly the jobs from the scheduler (you’ll miss the internal Duplicati reporting, but you could use the external reporting site

Else just duplicate the job in Duplicati (it’s easy with exporting as json and importing back just changing the schedule).

Two jobs has the drawback of needing two destination folders with two databases to match them, however a more positive way of looking at that is that you get some redundancy in case a job develops some issue.

If you prefer one job, another option might be to start it on a frequent schedule, then have run-script-before check the time and use an exit code to knock out the runs that aren’t at the right time, per Example Scripts.

tnx you , i will stay in the middle, losing some backup space, but take simple infrastructure, i’ve done a backup every 6 hours

For notes there, see Incremental backups in Features, and retention in Creating a new backup job.