Creating sub folders in Backblaze B2 using duplicati

Using the Duplicati web interface I am trying to backup some of my pictures onto Backbalze B2.

The folder structure I have in widows is Folder A/< subfolder 1>, Folder A/< subfolder 2>, Folder A/< subfolder 3> and so on, each of these folders are around 20~30 GB each
Is there a way to create the folder structure Backblaze B2 would be the same Folder A/< subfolder 1>, Folder A/< subfolder 2>, Folder A/< subfolder 3>… with separate jobs ?

To do this in the

  1. general section I have put in the name, encryption & Passphrase details
  2. In the destination section I have chosen b2 cloud storage bucket name as the subfolder name
    folder path as Folder A/< subfolder 1 > for the first job
    and the account id and password
    the connection works fine
  3. source data is Folder A/< subfolder 1 >

Once I try and and run this job it gives me an error stating : Found 5 files that are missing from the remote storage, please run repair
Tried this with multiple folders at the source so need help in figuring out how am I configuring this wrong

You can do this with B2, and yes you will have to have a separate backup job for each of the destination folders. Also remember to never configure more than one backup job with the exact same target.

I am trying to do this but, get the error message files that are missing from the remote storage, please run repair.
Could you help me with how I need to configure this kind of a backup.

Hi @Aniruddha_Das, welcome to the forum!

If Duplicati is reporting missing files then it must have already run at least one backup to the destination. Is it possible you ran a backup once then decided to change around the folder structure?

If so, then you either need to find the files uploaded by the previous backup run(s) and move them to the new destination folder or start over. A database Repair will likely resolve the problem but only in the sense that it will “forget” about any previously run backups.

I did check that, to make sure there was no old files, I go into B2 and delete the files.
I re-run the task and again the main folder is created without the sub folder and then the same error message

That may be part of the problem. If you’ve already run this backup job at least once, then Duplicati would have put files in your B2 destination and recorded them in it’s local database.

By deleting the files from the destination but NOT resetting the local database Duplicati will complain that files it expects to find aren’t actually there.

If you use the job “Database” menu and click the “Repair” button it should reset your database to reflect that there are no longer any files at the remote destination.

Alternatively, you could export your current job then import it as a new one (which will give it a new database) then delete the old job (just so you don’t accidentally try to run the wrong one).

Once the “files missing from remote storage” issue is resolved we can get back to figuring out your folder structure problem.