Crazy error message

After opening the Duplicati main page, this error message popped up:


After setting the Duplicati main interface to English, the error message stays in Dutch.
Translating back to English (Google) results in “The author of a copy method can not have this that is null.”
Note that “this” and “null” seem to be placeholders and are not translated.

As I’m the translator to Dutch, I supposed I should be able to find this string in Transifex, but I can’t find it. I guess I’m doing something wrong, or enter an incorrect search term, otherwise some weird automatic translation is taking place somewhere.

Heh, looks to me like a Dutch version of the dreaded “null object reference” error.

Is this on beta, canary, or something else?

If the operating system is Dutch, then maybe the message is from the .Net library:

I think this is the error that I fixed with

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You hit the nail on its head, explains why it cannot be found in translation files. Thanks!

Would it be possible of including a hint towards the source of the error message if it is not a genuine duplicati error message?

Not sure how that would help. The error message from a library (or .Net) is supposed to be more accurate than error messages in Duplicati.

Wasn’t the point of this topic that the error message behaves strangely and could not be found in transifex?

True… but that is more of a translator trying to debug I guess…

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@kenkendk’s answer explains it: My Dutch .NET framework on my Dutch OS running Duplicati presents me a Dutch error message. I assumed it was generated by Duplicati, but that’s not true. Case closed!