Couldn't connect to minio server when proxy configured in linux

I could connect to minio with duplicati-cli normally but couldn’t connect when proxy (http_proxy with IP,PORT, with and without Username,Password) configured in linux machine.

Here is the duplicati command(Version: -
duplicati-cli test ‘s3://testbucket?s3-server-name=’

Getting following error:
Fatal error => Error making request with Error Code ProxyAuthenticationRequired and Http Status Code ProxyAuthenticationRequired. No further error information was returned by the service.

Options tried:

Is there any possibility to connect via proxy? Anything wrong from my end?

What other tools work? If you have none, it looks like Using an HTTP proxy can get AWS CLI to do S3.
I don’t run a proxy, but I’d guess that common tools like curl could test a proxied web page fairly easily.

Why are you testing with and without username/password? If there’s an admin, ask for settings to use.

What proxy server is in use? Best Linux Proxy Server shows that there are many that you might be on.

You could test changing Client library to use to Minio SDK just to see if that helps. I don’t use S3.

Ultimately a network trace by tcpdump or wireshark can show the detailed interaction with proxy server.
Proxy-Authenticate suggests that the server will also say what style of authentication it needs from you.