Could you please explain what Duplicati is doing?

I recently had to uninstall and install latest version of duplicati on my qnap nas, the files (source) has not change at all. backups file are sent in 50mb files to Backblaze b2, these file have not change either.

I imported the backup jobs and general settings I had before the uninstall, loaded them in the new install, now, if I click run now in one of the backup jobs it says the db needs to be recreated, so I click on it and its taking forever, could you please explain what is duplicati doing now? is it downloading all files?, checking files in the cloud storage?


Strange that you lost your settings and local database by uninstalling. At least on Windows uninstalling the application doesn’t delete settings. Same with Synology package as far as I know. Not sure about QNAP.

In any case, if duplicati wants to rebuild the local database it needs to download SOME of the remote backup data. Not the actual blocks of data (dblock files) but the metadata (dlist and dindex files). This may take some time… it really depends on how much data you have backed up.

Yes I lost everything, I did de re install right after the uninstall, anyways, it is still going, this backup job is about 50gb.

Thanks for the info

Importing a backup job probably created a new database. I don’t recall if it offers old databases you might want.

You can do this yourself under the job Database menu by changing “Local database path” to the old database.

This assumes the old database is around, and there aren’t so many others that you’re guessing which is which.

I’m not sure when Duplicati starts changing B2, but if you see no new files you might still have time to try above.

Job databases are typically .sqlite files with a long random prefix in a user’s (which could be root or other, depending on how you run) home directory in .config/Duplicati. I’m generally on Windows, so am not sure whether your OS can lose them at uninstall time, but changing Duplicati’s user can make them not found.

I have tried with the other backup jobs and the db recreate rpocess took a lot less of time, guess something happened with the first one that took 8 hours for 50gb

@ts678 is correct that importing a job creates a new database, but it doesn’t delete the old one. If you go through this again, note the name & location of the database upgrading (it’s on the job Database page) then after importing you can use the Database page again to point to the old database or find the new database name and rename the file itself.

Database rebuilds are likely heavily influenced by number and length of file paths (5000 one Meg files will take longer to rebuild than one 5000 Meg file}.

Is it possible the slow job has more files than the faster ones?

I finally repair my 3 backup jobs, the last one, about 120GB and all kind of small and big files took 2 days from Backblaze b2, I restore a ramdom set of files just to make sure everything was fine, in fact it is.

I noted DBs just to make sure not to go through this if I ever have to do a re install.

Thanks for all the info.