Copying files with duplicate

Here’s the thing, I have 2 Unlimited Drives on Google, I want to copy 30T from one to the other, but the daily transfer limit is 750G. I tested pure rsync, it is EXTREMELY SLOW, then I tested msrsync, which makes parallel copies of rsync, only when the limit ends, it crashes, gives error and does not continue. I tried rclone to copy and it was not good, and now I’m trying to do it with duplicati, is it possible to do this with duplicate? Copy files from one drive to the other, both are mounted as if they were locally. but I want to copy without encryption, without compressing, have files over 15G, is it possible?

Duplicati - despite its name - is not a cloning tool, it’s a a backup software, so it’s completely at odds with your use case.

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I’m missing something here. Doesn’t your OS (which is what?) have many ways to copy local files?
That might not be the best plan though. e.g. rclone might do better with a direct Google Drive config.

None of this has anything to do with Duplicati though. If you had to use it for a really indirect file copy,
backing everything up to a larger destination, then restoring carefully to a second system is possible.

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There seem to be many ways (although with limitations ) to copy files, all through cloud operations.
How to Move Files From One Google Drive Account to Another and other pages give some options.
If you can copy without getting involved in any download/upload, the copying will probably run faster.


Google Drive only allows 25 to 30 file ownership transfers per day is a possible issue, if it applies…
Presumably you are moving folders, and above discussion isn’t clear to me on how that is affected.
If you find a good way to get a big copy done entirely inside Google, it’d be nice to know what works.