Copy local Veeam backup to Backblaze


I’m using Veeam to make backups of some computers and I save these Veeam backup files on a “NAS”. How will be the best way to use duplicati to backup the Veeam files to Backblaze?

I think I will use encryption on Veeam and not on Duplicati. I have a retention policy setup in Veeam already, so what to choose there in Duplicati?

Don’t know if I need any compression in Duplicati either, I think Veeam already does this.


Are you sure you want to use Duplicati? If you are using Veeam for the backups, retention, encryption, and compression, then I don’t know what benefit adding Duplicati would provide.

Sounds like you may be better off just copying the data as-is to B2. rclone is my preferred tool for copying data to/from/between cloud storage providers.

Duplicati is already installed on the server where Veeam put it’s backups, so I was thinking it was a good thing to use it when all data and Duplicati is already installed. :slight_smile:

So I don’t need to install another tool, but if rclone is better for this kind of jobs I should look up that one.


You certainly can use Duplicati, but you’re reprocessing your data and changing the format yet again. To restore you’d have to recover the data with Duplicati first, and then do a recovery with Veeam. Personally I wouldn’t chain two backup products like this. rclone would copy the Veeam backup data exactly as-is to B2.

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Ah, yes of course. I did not think of that. I should check out rclone. Thank you very much.

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