Copy files to Google Drive?

I got Duplicati working with Google Drive, but what I need is for the original files to just be copied from a local drive to google drive so that others in our organization can access them remotely.

Does duplicati have a “copy files” mode instead of its normal sort-of-incremental-type-backup mode?

What I need is if I drop a file called “myDoc.docx” into my local folder, I want that file to get copied to google drive so that others can just access that folder and see myDoc.docx and download it.

And no I can not use the google drive desktop app as I have several individual folders that need to be uploaded to specific folders on google drive, and the google drive app does not let me have that fine of control.


Well, to answer my own question, it appears that Duplicati does not just copy files, so I can not do what I want with it, unless somebody is aware that it can be done.

I see that might be able to use the command line tool Duplicati.CommandLine.BackendTool.exe so will investigate that now.

You need synchronization tool, not backup for what you want to achieve.
You can try rclone tool - it may do what you want.

So I looked at Duplicati.CommandLine.BackendTool.exe and this can be used to just copy files to Google Drive, however it would require some extra coding/scripting to do checks to see if the file is new and/or has changed.

I checked out and this tool is exactly what I need. The rclone copy command will only copy files from the source to destination that are new or have changed, so no coding required!

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