Continue a Backup to an smb share with ftp or sftp

Hi I just installed duplicati on my unraid server within a docker container.

I’m running my first backup of around 3.5 TB via a mounted smb share.

Is it possible to change the protocol used after the large backup is finished?

I want do not use smb as the protocol because of cryptolockers and the likes.

The 2. goal would be to also put the backup target in an offsite location ( reason: smb not accessible via WAN and having a backup offsite is a huge plus :slight_smile: )

So after the job finishes can I stop the backup, dismount the share, change the connection to my backup destination to ftp and continue the backup that way?

Speed is not important to me.

Thank you

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Duplicati backups are portable to different destination types, but it’s up to you to move them somehow, e.g. using an FTP client, rclone, etc. After that, change the Duplicati destination and it should continue.

The new backup builds on the old one, uploading only the changes, so your entire old backup requires uploading. Although faster uploaders exist, you could also just abandon your SMB backup if you prefer, allowing Duplicati to do new backup directly to the remote directly, but it will be the entire backup again.

Using FTP without any encryption is insecure (especially on the Internet) because your username and password are passed unencrypted, however if you mean FTPS (FTP with TLS encryption) that’ll be OK.

Unless you have a very fast Internet connection, you might want to backup to SMB for awhile just to get some backup while rclone or similar is doing transfer. Presumably it will catch up to current sometime…

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Yes i’ll use Secure FTP (SSH) for the final connection to my offsite NAS. Maybe ill use a VPN Tunnel… that descision is not made yet :slight_smile:

My Backup is running verry slow, but its dooing something at least :stuck_out_tongue: