(Construtive) Criticism of Duplicati

Duplicati is too. Although it’s more than one volunteer, there aren’t a lot, and this also limits progress.

That’s been the focus of work leading to Beta, which has a lot of fixes compared to

Restoring files if your Duplicati installation is lost can do this from another computer that has Duplicati, however it’s not super simple (needs some info) and not super fast (must create temporary database).

This feature is probably easier to do with server-side help, but Duplicati (and Arq) use simple storage.
Restoring encrypted files from backup to an iPhone is a similar feature request with other explanation.

sounds a lot like info below on “Direct restore from backup files”, provided you have Duplicati installed.

If you don’t have an exported configuration file, you need to know the backend URL, credentials and the backup passphrase. Once entered all needed information, you can start restoring your files.

Feature request: List all backup sets with their size is how to do manual deletions exactly as you want, however there are also five options you can configure on screen 5 Options if you will let Duplicati do it.

has been there for a long time, and is Delete backups that are older than, however there’s also New retention policy deletes old backups in a smart way, which provides even more custom options to:

There was at least one compact bug fixed in Beta, and compact also tends to trip over damage of other sorts that one might find if, e.g. one does a restore. There have been many other fixes as well.

seems more valuable to me (for those who don’t know or want to Export their own). Good DIY info is in
How to restore data and then setup backup again?

How much easier than the current Direct restore could having a remote config be? Restore doesn’t need the full configuration. If you know enough to get the remote config, what more does restore need? Here again, services that provide their own storage and servers (e.g. CrashPlan) have a big advantage.