Connection to the Server is Lost: Linux Ubuntu


As a newly registered member, I just want to start by thanking the Duplicati team for excellent software. I’m sure the ratio of problems and complaints to thank-yous is higher than it should be, and I encourage anyone reading this to make a donation.

After my recent update to, I’ve been unable to successfully complete any backups. After the last step of verifying files, my Firefox window refreshes to the error message, “The connection to the server is lost” and the Ubuntu tray icon disappears.

I am an amateur Linux user and have done some searching on this topic without success, so I would greatly appreciate your patience in helping me with the first steps toward troubleshooting this issue. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum!

This problem sounds like what happens with an out of date version. What version do you have? From a prompt:

$ mono --version

Thank you - you were correct and updating Mono did the trick! Much appreciated!

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