Connection to Backblaze B2 times out

After a system update my backup to Backblaze B2 stopped working and fails with “Failed to connect: Error: ConnectFailure (Connection timed out)” after a few minutes, and same thing happens if I manually test the connection in the backup configuration. The logs don’t say anything other than that the connection timed out as far as I can see.

The backup is just a standard B2 backup with no additional options set. I can access Backblaze fine via web browser, and e.g. sends me to the B2 start page as expected. csharp -e 'new System.Net.WebClient ().DownloadString ("")' also works just fine.

I use Arch Linux and the duplicati-latest package from AUR.

This started happening to me as well, starting yesterday.

Had to rebuild/recreate database… and clearly connections are happening when files are being uploaded and downloaded, so it seems odd that the connection would sometimes fail.

When I watch the failure, I see the “waiting for upload to finish” status taking a long time, FWIW.

After the database rebuild, I also opened the database in sqlbrowser and ran “ANALYZE” on it, since I’d found some threads here talking about slow sql query times causing slow backup completions… and this last time around I was able to complete a backup.

I’m on Fedora, currently using

That might be a different issue than what I’m experiencing, for me the connection always fails.

Suddenly everything is fine again, so I guess the problem solved itself somehow? It seems it wasn’t an issue with Duplicati at least since I didn’t change anything, maybe some issue on Backblaze’s end?

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