Connection test passes, but access denied

Connection test passes when setting-up local backup, but Access to the path “/mnt/backup/” is denied.

Trying to backup to secondary local drive, unencrypted. I used to have this working, but it fails now, 100% of the time.
/mnt/backup mounts in fstab using ubuntu defaults. Connection test passes with or without the admin username & password…so I suspect the connection test is flawed. But even with the admin username & password, I get this error: Access to the path “/mnt/backup/” is denied.

What permissions should work?

Most often this is caused by a permissions issue in the destination folder such as the account Duplicati is running under having read permissions but not write permissions.

Can you confirm the right permissions are set on /mnt/backup/?

That was my question in the last sentence. Obviously a local backup drive shouldn’t be writable by all, to prevent ransom-ware from encrypting that local drive. So what’s the recommended configuration? Is the username & password entered to get to drives that require privileges?

Sorry, I missed that last sentence question.

To be honest it sounds like you know Linux better than I do, but of it were me I’d test with all permissions enabled (chmod 777?) just to confirm that’s the issue.

With the error being a specific file I’m wondering if something else has that file opened somehow.

I guess the question is what changed in your system to cause a working backup to stop working.

What version of Duplicati are you running?

Oh… I remember now… those text boxes should not actually show, because they only work for network drives (really only UNC paths) on Windows. The username and password are used to “pre-authenticate” the UNC destination due to the way Windows maps such paths.

In other words: those boxes do nothing on Linux.

There is not currently anything that supports this. I suppose supporting this would require starting a process with the new credentials and then feeding the files into the new process?

kenkendk, does the connection test do a write / update / delete confirmation or just try to connect and if no errors happen say it passes?

It just does a List call, and if that passes, it assumes “success”.

I think I have seen a request somewhere for a write/delete test also.

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