Confused with Filters

I’m trying to backup ONLY files that contain Full in their file name, but I can’t decode the respective section in the Duplicati manual, how to do that.

Beside other things I tried:

but that does not backup any file

Two problems here may be

  1. Include regular expression tries to help you by adding square braces, so they get doubled, which you can probably see if you use three-dot menu to Edit as text to see what GUI made.

  2. Regular expression uses * as meaning 0 or more of the character before. Usually it follows a dot, which stands for any character. Wildcard syntax is a little more comfortable, and just needs the *.

Possibly Include expression of *Full* will be more like what you want, except it can still be tricked because Full could appear somewhere else in the path, e.g. in a directory, and I think it’d let the files in.

Thank you, @ts678

works seamlessly.

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