Configuration disappeared from GUI, but still makes backups

Hello Everyone,

I installed Duplicati one year ago on a Windows 2012 Server PC, few days ago the owner of the PC told me no backup seems to be configured, but looking on the remote server where it was configured to save backups they are still done as scheduled.

Is it possible to recover the configuration? How?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion


I’d say that it is probably the classic problem of server versus user installation. If you have setup it as a service but the user clicks on the icon and launches it as a user process, the server database will not be seen. In this case, the normal server install listens on port 8200 while the transient server started by the user shortcut listens on port 8300.
If you install Duplicati as server, be careful to edit the shortcuts to change them to a simple redirect to localhost:8200 (so the user don’t start Duplicati as a user process) and disable the automatic startup launch with session start if you have left it enabled while installing.

They can check URL their GUI is at. If it says 8300, edit to 8200 to see if that gets the server config.
Assuming that’s the problem, source http://localhost:8200/ would be another way to get there.
If they like a Tray Icon over a bookmark or a shortcut, there’s a --no-hosted-server option to use:

Set this option to not spawn a local service, use if the TrayIcon should connect to a running service.

Thanks for the hints, but I remember I did a user installation. To confirm this I can find in:
the Duplicati-server.sqlite file with date 9/18/2023 8:07 AM confirming it is running (as shown in the attached screenshot)

Accessing http://localhost:8300/ I can see the Duplicati interface saying there is no configured backup, if try http://localhost:8200/ I see no interface.

I do not know if this details can help understand the problem.

Well, Duplicati started in user mode takes the port 8300 only in the case port 8200 is already in use, and it usually means that Duplicati also runs as a service. In your place I’d check the installed services, and use netstat -ab (run in an elevated terminal session) to verify what is running on port 8200 and 8300.
Also try to create a test backup job to verify if its database is created in the same directory.