Config help with Duplicati Docker on Unraid

Hi there,

currently I’m struggling with configuring Duplicati in the right way. I plan to backup an unRaid share to my pCloud via rclone.

Duplicati is running in a docker container. rClone has a local “local” source and remote “pCloud” destination configured, pCloud remote is succesfully authorized. Mounting pCloud as a share via console is working.

My problem is that I seem to miss the right config. On unRaid, rclone ist installed on the flash disc at \boot\config\plugins\rclone\install\rclone, as far as I know. But it seems that the backend does not recognize that.

What am I missing? Swarm intelligence, please lend a hand!



2023-01-05 22_56_13-070928a00b31 - Duplicati

Docker containers cannot see the host filesystem unless you set up bind mounts. You’ll need to do this so the docker container can see the source data you want to back up, but you could also set up a mount so it has access to the rclone binary on the host machine.