Computer science student


I just had my first week at university (Applied computer science). I started with noting everything on paper but I already had bought the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga to transition to taking notes with the stylus on the touchscreen. Next week I want to note everything digitally, I think there are numerous advantages over plain paper.
I plan to use OneNote2016 to take notes. The Windows Store App of OneNote is just a hell of limited/stripped down version of the original one. OneNote2016 allows to locally save the notebooks and such, I don’t want to put it all on OneDrive. I wanted more control over my notes and (semi) automatic backups.
First I tried the “native” Google Drive Backup & Sync but it didn’t work properly, then I tried Cloudberry but that also failed after some tries.

Then I found Duplicati over .

What I like about Duplicati:

  • open-source
  • actively in development
  • the UI (better than Cloudberry)
  • it works flawlessy
  • so much options, especially the smart backup feature and the custom one (which I will definitively have some fun with)
  • the thoughts that went in the disaster recovery scenarios (I read the docs)

So I guess this is a perfect hit. Thanks guys!

One question though (which I won’t open a new topic for):

If the backup files were downloaded from Google Drive, they could be used locally to restore saved files from, right?


Correct, you can copy the backup files locally and restore from there.

Ok, thanks.


thanks for your guidence thanks again

thanks and regards:grinning: