Completely remove duplicati

I am having some troubles with duplicati on ubuntu. I would like to completely remove the application. I run apt-get purge duplicati and apt-get autoremove. Things appear to uninstall correctly.

I then manuall remove the duplicati files in the home folder.

Upon re instillation it references some azure storeage when starting and I am unable to get the web managment to load.

What am I missing for a full uninstall?

If it’s running as your user then there will be a Duplicati config file in ~/.config/ holding all the Duplicati user data. If it’s running as root it will be in /root/.config/

I’m not sure if it’s an oversight that the Deb package isn’t configured to remove these files on purge, but I guess it would have to check every user folder (and root) to clean it up, which also feels a bit intrusive.

I think there was a problem at some point with some dependencies. Make sure you have the latest Mono packages and that you are not using the Debian Mono packages as they are very old.

There could be an Updates folder in ~/.config/Duplicati that you should remove.

Not sure how Debian generally deals with it, but I would personably be surprised if I uninstalled a package and it nuked all data related to the application.

If you consider the files created by Duplicati as “Documents” instead of “Config files”, I think it makes sense to leave them behind.

Well, purge is different than remove. It should leave the configuration behind with remove, but purge should cleanse configuration in order to, for example, make it possible to do a full reset of your application if its configuration is broken.

So if for example his Duplicati couldn’t launch at all due to some configuration issue he wouldn’t need to know what data it stored because purge just gets rid of it.

Edit: I was just reading up on the details for the apt-get policy on purge. Apparently it is expected to delete configuration files but not inside the user directory, which I suppose makes Duplicati compliant since it only stores config data there. configuration - Why does "Purge" not remove everything related to an app? - Ask Ubuntu

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