Commercial customization - limited backends?

Dear Kenneth,

I am in contact with you because our company is interested in Duplicati software for commercial use.

In order to carry out our project with Duplicati, I would appreciate your collaboration to know if the software allows you to customize it in such a way as to have a single storage type in the backend, compatible S3 type and with URLs designated by us?

If this is possible, could you support us with any tutorial or technical material to do by ourselves, or it has cost associate and your Team can support us to develop the solution?

Thansk in advance for your support and quick responde.

Best regards,

Until Kenneth has time to respond, I thought I’d welcome you to the forum and say that as Open Source software you are (mostly) free to customize your implementation of Duplicati as needed.

I’m not an expert but I suspect you would simply need to disable the backend modules you don’t want.

Custom backend configuration in Branding and OEM customization gets into this. I’m not sure all info is right. There are some other interesting (but not really settled) forum questions about deployment that might fit too.

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Then I can modify the interface following the instructions without licensing problem.

Another question someone knows how to rewrite code
without editing them directly as it is done with EditUriBackendConfig.
backupApp.service (‘MyBackendService’, function (EditUriBackendConfig, EditUriBuiltins, AppUtils) {
EditUriBackendConfig.defaultbackend = ‘s3’;


Thank you.