Commandline UI Advanced options "off" by 1?

I’ve looked at multiple backup jobs, but only on a single PC and what I’m seeing is that in the Commandline UI the fields seem to be “off” by 1 so. Is it just me or can somebody else replicate this?

  • Commandline arguments: Not sure where that came from
  • disable-module: Not sure where that came from (it’s not in my Settings or any job Advanced option)
  • send-mail-url: correct value is in disable-module field above
  • send-mail-to: correct value is in send-mail-url field above
  • compression-module: CORRECT
  • a bunch more: CORRECT
  • send-mail-from: “console-password-input” (have no idea where that came from)
  • a bunch more: CORRECT


I’m relatively new, only a couple weeks in, but I haven’t seen that bug in all of my testing and setup (all windows).

It sounds like this bug:

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Yep - that sounds like what I’m seeing. Should I flag this as “resolved” since it’s already open there?

Not sure, there is still some double-posting here and on Github.