Commandline started Backups do not show in WebUI

Hi Forum! Hi Developers.

I use Duplicate for a long time, thanks to all developers and contributors for that great piece of software!

For friend which is not so experienced with computers, want to start a Duplicati Backup when a given USB Device is plugged in in Windows11. Starting the Backup is already working, but i have the problem, that the created backup Fileset version does not show up in the WebUI.

This is what i have done:

  1. Installed Duplicati Service with “–portable-mode”
  2. Start WebUI and set up a Backup Job to USB Device
  3. Exported Backup Job to Command-Line Command with the WebUI
  4. Put exported Command in a Batch file (attached at the end of the post)

If i run the batch file as Administrator the Backup runs with no errors.

But if i check in the WebUI it says “Last Backup: never”
I can restore Files from the Backup, but before it says “unknown Backup size and versions”

I have tried the following, but with no success:

  • Stop Duplicati Service before running Commandline Backup
  • Added the Option "–server-datafolder=“C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2\data” corresponding to the Services “–protable-mode”

Does someone has an advice for me how to get the Data about existing Backups in the Web-UI in sync with the runs from the commandline?

Here is my Batch File that runs the Backup:

net stop duplicati
“C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2\Duplicati.CommandLine.exe” backup “file://C:\duplivolume\” “C:\Users\admin\Desktop\” --backup-name=Test --dbpath=“C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2\data\VBQIHMMIAQ.sqlite” --encryption-module= --compression-module=zip --dblock-size=100MB --no-encryption=true --disable-module=console-password-input --server-datafolder=“C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2\data”
net start duplicati

Yours, Gerd

OK, I think i understood a bit more now.
There is no connection between Duplicati Commandline and WebUI.

It seems i need GitHub - Pectojin/duplicati-client: A command line client for controlling the Duplicati Server

So long,

Correct, the WebUI, the Windows Service (if active) and the CLI all use unique settings by default.

I wrote a powershell script that may be of use to you. You can define jobs in the GUI but the scheduling is done via Task Scheduler. You can check out the thread here.

Hi, thanks for sharing the Powershell Script.
That seems to be the exact solution and might be more powerfull (multiple usb-drives…), but in the meantime i got it working with “duplicati-client”.

It was a bit of pain getting the python sources compiled to a self-containing exe but now it works quite well with win11 pro. If someone needs the exe file, just let me know.

My Goals

  • Using Snapshots to be able to backup open files
  • automatic start when usb-drive is plugged in
  • being able to use the Webgui for changing the job and for restore
  • functional Tray-Ikon
    are now all achieved.

So long, Gerd

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Did the one provided not work for some reason? I have used the exe on several systems and it always worked fine for me.

It’s the file found on the releases page: Releases · Pectojin/duplicati-client · GitHub

I feel so dumb! I did not find this, only the “code” section on github. Yours, Gerd

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lol… no worries, I was just curious! Glad you found this tool, I’m a big fan of it myself.