Command line questions

linux debian and resberian running duplicati

I am guessing the gui creates the file names for the dbpath sqlite stuff via some sort of hash of --backup-name. Is this correct? If so how can I emulate this for in my backup creation scripts? I know this is not needed.

When I do a cli backup I see a dbconfig.json file created why?
Do I need to do anything with it after the command runs?

In terms of test previously verify?
What does the the gui use when it run the command in terms samples maybe --full-remote-verification?

To verify the backup I use
duplicati-cli test local_test.sqlite --version=1 --full-remote-verification

I get the following error:
database file does not exist: /root/.config/Duplicati/XDGTLLNYMH.sqlite

where the datebase file is:

Duplicati.Commandline.exe test %backend% --dbpath=/root/.config/Duplicati/local_test. sqlite --version=1 --full-remote-verification

I am using the command
duplicati-cli test file:///tmp/backup-test --version=0 --dbpath=/root/.config/Duplicati/local_test.sqlite

and I get the following error:

Listing remote folder …
No files examined, is the remote destination is empty?

output of find command:
Listing filesets:
0 : 2/4/2018 5:32:31 PM (127 files, 372.84 KB)
1 : 2/4/2018 5:09:19 PM (126 files, 372.84 KB)