Cloud to Cloud backups?

I’m currently using Duplicati to back up my desktop to the B2 cloud. Love the ease of setup and use.

My company is retiring an old Windows 2003 server by migrating to a combination of Sharepoint and Azure Filestorage. The catch is that Azure doesn’t yet support backup for filestorage. Blobs yes, filestorage no.

How bad an idea is it to use Duplicati on a local machine to backup the Azure filestorage cloud to a B2 archive? After the first backup, is there a lot of traffic? The fileserver is mostly static files. We’ve moved most of our day to day activities to Sharepoint. The <5GB of data in the filestorage is mostly unchanging.

(We have just started using CloudAlly for the Sharepoint backups)


The traffic should pretty much be “just the changed data”.
But you may want to fiddle with how much Duplicati does verifications, as that downloads the remote volumes.